Choosing an Agent


Let us firstly give you a brief background as to some guidelines for choosing Sectional Title Managing Agents for your scheme or HOA
Body Corporate trustees, as per rule 46(1) under the Sectional Titles Act and Home Owners Association Directors, according to their relevant Articles of Association, are responsible for appointing managing agents.
The time where trustees casually phoned around getting prices and appointing an agent manager on these grounds are over, because the cheapest quote is seldom the best one. A managing agent is responsible to manage your complex and help protect your investment; therefore a well-informed decision needs to be made.


All managing agents must be registered estate agents. Obtain proof by asking candidates for a copy of their Fidelity Fund Certificate issued by the Estate Agency Affairs Board.
This gives the Body Corporate cover by the Fidelity Fund operated by the Estate Agency Affairs board for loss arising from theft by the managing agent.
Check if the candidate is a member of the National Association of Managing Agents of South Africa (NAMASA). If so, is the candidate willing to agree to be bound by the rules of NAMASA. If not, enquire as to why they are not members. Membership to this organisation is voluntary, as NAMA is an advisory association for updates and information.
Check the candidate’s reputation by finding out how long they have been in business. The experience that an agent brings to the table is paramount. Bad leadership and guidance from your agent can result on poor decision making by the trustees.
Make sure that the company you choose is personally run by its owner. In most cases these companies offer a better service than a company run by an employee.
Ask candidates to explain Management Rule 33 (which deals with the authorities needed for luxurious and non-luxurious improvements to the common property) to see if they have the necessary knowledge.
Always ask for references from a few existing and satisfied bodies corporate. Obtain the chairperson’s name, phone number and the name of each complex you reference check.
Make sure you understand what kind of reports you will be getting on a monthly basis regarding outstanding levies and all other additional financial information that you need to be up to date with your Body Corporate current standing.
Part of the agent’s usual duties is to attend trustee and body corporate meetings. Ensure that your candidate offers this facility, and is comfortable with speaking in public and that he/she displays the necessary confidence and knowledge.
Visit a candidate’s working place and or their Website to see whether he/she is organised or overworked. Also find out who will take over the duties should he/she be sick or on holiday.