Project Finance

Bodies Corporate and Home Owners Associations periodically have to undertake large, capital intensive projects such as
  • Painting of common property
  • Lift replacements
  • Electricity or water mater installation

Insufficient reserves and the inability of owners to pay costly special levies often delays urgent maintenance. Property Management Services, in conjunction with our well established solution provider, offer a comprehensive project finance facility, which allows Bodies Corporate and Home Owners Associations immediate access to the necessary funding, upfront, so that your scheme can undertake the project immediately.
Project Finance includes the following additional benefits :
  • Funding “special levies” raised for property maintenance and/or improvement projects
  •  Flexible repayment terms that match the useful life of the project
  • Competitive fixed interest rates over the term of the loan
  • An “opt out” for owners with the financial means to pay the special levy upfront