Levy Finance

The levy is the main source of income and the lifeblood of every sectional title scheme. The non-payment of levies is therefore the single biggest threat to safe, affordable sectional title living.
A scheme in financial distress suffers from structural neglect coupled with punitive special levies and, subsequently, plummeting property values. This causes owners to flee the scheme, leaving it in a further state of distress. Hardly an investor’s dream.

Property Management Services, in conjunction with our well established solution provider, offer a comprehensive Levy Finance and Collection service, which  is the most effective way to permanently reverse this cycle of deterioration by providing the following:
  • Immediate access to funding based on the scheme’s current arrears
  • Guaranteed monthly cash flow based on the scheme’s levy roll
  • Fast and efficient levy collection
  • Instituting and funding the necessary legal action on defaulting owners
  • User friendly monthly levy statements and trustee reports